Enter Heroine

Apparently my protag must rescue herself from the dark moment. She may not hop on Tarzan’s arm and let him whisk her away. Fine. I wouldn’t like a weak-willed helpless Pearl Pure-heart for a protag anyway. But I hate, hate Tomb Raider females. (Females who act masculinely)

Why is a feminine protag an inferior, weak person? Why must she have a black belt and skill with automatic weapons? I’m no pacifist but I think female qualities have been dishonored too long. It appears that the heartless, philandering, ass kicker male is the standard for all. James Bond? No thank you. It’s time for us to redefine what womanhood looks like.

blog schmog

I gotta learn how to make pins. Actually think it’ll be fun.
Going to pin quotes from all my fav how-to writing gurus.
I like Pinterest lots better than Facebook which has turned into a combo of misuse and Big Brother is watching you.
I’m an ENFP. (Doomed to pantserhood and….look a squirrel!)
Go take the Myers-Briggs test if you haven’t and be honest with yourself. Not what you want to be or plan to become with your amazing will-power, but who you really are. It’s all good. Use and enjoy your gifts. You are unique in the universe.


After a harrowing dash from well-run train to train we have arrived at Christ’s Church in Cambridge. Yesterday I got to tour the lovely glassed in botanical gardens. Saw exotic and otherworldly plants and a beautiful old arboretum. Next  time I come to England I will do it when everything is in bloom, esp the roses. Think I will use the rose in my art Nouveau as a theme. Why does the environment of antiquity (relatively speaking) comfort me? I love old things, antiques, old gardens. So did Tolkien. I wonder if that longing for a simpler more bucolic life is why his books appeal. Why “once upon a time” can transport to fairies and woodlands and cottages wound round with roses.

The willow tea rooms

The restored/recreated home of Charles Rennie MacIntosh housed in the museum of the University of Glasgow was WOW.

An accomplished artist friend of mine, Bill Foch, describes his experience of Glasgow’s Art Nouveau as “out of body.”  Well put.

As I write Haint Misbehavin, I hope I can infuse that mystical sense into it just a wee bit. Margaret MacDonald, wife of MacIntosh, grew up in a house built on an ancient Celtic stone circle. No wonder she came to be part of the “Spook School” of Glasgow. Maybe Ciaran was haunting her as he haunts Annie.



UK trip

Here I am in Glasgow. Got to say, I like it better than London or Edinburgh. Since my hometown is Myrtle Beach, SC, I am prejudice against the “essence of tourism” that can grow up around some places. Maybe that is what I like about Glasgow. Lots of visitors, but no “buy my wears” stuff on display. It feels like a work-a-day city. I like that. And the people are friendly. Going to see the works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh today. (OK, I’m doing the tourist thing.) Hope to infuse my next book, Haint Misbehavin, with essence of Scottish Art Nouveau. And while I’m here, I hope to find a few missing Scottish ancestors for my genealogical tree. Wish me luck.



OK, I lied. I’m still spinning my wheels. But it isn’t the fault of the Story Solution by Eric Edson. Still my fav how-to. Brilliant man.

I know where I’m going now, how the tale must end. I’m just procrastinating, catching a cold, rearranging my office, managing commitments, hunting down dead relatives, in prep for upcoming trip to England and Scotland…….. and PROCRASTINATING!

ENFP…Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow…etc. Even have the frizzy hair. I should dye it red and get a big dog. Instead my hair is going gray (a sign about tomorrow) and I have a Siamese cat with an attitude.

I even put off renewing my membership til the last week for no reason at all. Sigh. Write on!

Up and Writing

After a year of spinning my wheels, I’m finally going to attempt to blog. What got me off my butt (or on it, as it were)? I want to sing the praises of a wonderful book: Story Solution by Eric Edson. Not sure if it would have helped as much 4 years ago as I had so much “grade school” learning to do, but it is the first book of the dozens I have read, that makes the task of PLOTTING (yes I shouted in frustration), accessible to a rabbit-trailing pantser like me.

I converted it into a spreadsheet, plugged in my WIP and in a column to the right, I made notes on what needed to happen when and voila la!  It was virtually pain-free and I’m up and running. Unstuck, people. No longer staring at a large gray block.

The book is written primarily for screenwriters, but the principles are equally applicable for novelists. If you are a pantser, hie thee to the internet and order this gem asap. You won’t regret it.