After a harrowing dash from well-run train to train we have arrived at Christ’s Church in Cambridge. Yesterday I got to tour the lovely glassed in botanical gardens. Saw exotic and otherworldly plants and a beautiful old arboretum. Next  time … Continue reading

UK trip

Here I am in Glasgow. Got to say, I like it better than London or Edinburgh. Since my hometown is Myrtle Beach, SC, I am prejudice against the “essence of tourism” that can grow up around some places. Maybe that … Continue reading


OK, I lied. I’m still spinning my wheels. But it isn’t the fault of the Story Solution by Eric Edson. Still my fav how-to. Brilliant man.

I know where I’m going now, how the tale must end. I’m just procrastinating, catching a cold, rearranging my office, managing commitments, hunting down dead relatives, in prep for upcoming trip to England and Scotland…….. and PROCRASTINATING!

ENFP…Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow…etc. Even have the frizzy hair. I should dye it red and get a big dog. Instead my hair is going gray (a sign about tomorrow) and I have a Siamese cat with an attitude.

I even put off renewing my membership til the last week for no reason at all. Sigh. Write on!