Up and Writing

After a year of spinning my wheels, I’m finally going to attempt to blog. What got me off my butt (or on it, as it were)? I want to sing the praises of a wonderful book: Story Solution by Eric Edson. Not sure if it would have helped as much 4 years ago as I had so much “grade school” learning to do, but it is the first book of the dozens I have read, that makes the task of PLOTTING (yes I shouted in frustration), accessible to a rabbit-trailing pantser like me.

I converted it into a spreadsheet, plugged in my WIP and in a column to the right, I made notes on what needed to happen when and voila la!  It was virtually pain-free and I’m up and running. Unstuck, people. No longer staring at a large gray block.

The book is written primarily for screenwriters, but the principles are equally applicable for novelists. If you are a pantser, hie thee to the internet and order this gem asap. You won’t regret it.


Up and Writing — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, it would be great to have a practical way to keep on the major plot lines. Thanks for the tip.
    Enjoyed your last book very much.